About Rusula

Why Rusula? Rusula has a special significance for me because it links my mother and my grandfather, and ensures that those two people are never forgotten. My mother’s name was Rose, and my grandfather always called her his ‘Rusula’.

As an artist my mother founded her own atelier to inspire others. The Rusula logo was designed by her, and found on every painting. Her mark is everywhere. Despite all the troubles and cares she carried on behalf of us all, my mother taught me that love and family should be central to our lives. Even in the darkest moments, it is love that gives us the strength to carry on.

But it was those precious times I spent with grandfather where I learnt to laugh, to trust, to be carefree. What times we had! Fishing until we were soaking wet, walking every morning in the forest, and singing Dalmatian operettas until late in the evening. From him I learned to love this landscape.

Memories of these extraordinary people live on around me, in my family home, garden, and within the habits of hospitality that I maintain. My mother accepted everyone into our home for food, music, art, and joy. But most importantly, they are in the love I extend to couples I symbolically marry.

So this is why your happiness is so important to me. Memories, love, strength, togetherness…