Accessible Tourism

Rusula believes in Tourism for All in Croatia. We aim

  • to improve travel opportunities for people with special access needs
  • to raise awareness and promote social inclusion within the wider community
  • to improve the skills of staff in the tourism and hospitality industry

Accessible tourism in Split is about making it possible for everyone to enjoy tourism experiences. Making tourism more accessible is not only a social responsibility but it brings year round business to our communities.

There is clear evidence that making basic adjustments to a museum, providing accurate and relevant information, and understanding the needs of disabled people can result in increased visitor numbers. With improved staff training we can make a difference all visitors.

It’s not just our visitors. Improving the accessibility of local services increases their quality and the enjoyment of all. Step-free access in public buildings, larger restroom facilities, safer pavements, and easy access public transport  also improves the quality of life in local communities.

Employment of people with disabilities also has a positive impact on individuals, communities and the economy as a whole. Tour guides, assistants, interpreters, event organisers, everyone can be a part of something special.