No food without fire

fire burning brightly in a fireplace

~Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products~

That is the definition but the control of fire by early humans was a turning point in the cultural aspect of human evolution. Fire provided a source of warmth, protection, improvement on hunting and a method for cooking food. Continue reading “No food without fire”

Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding

rusula in Split City Museum

Split has always been a beautiful town. I’m not just talking about the city and its surrounding area, but our fashion conscious inhabitants. As the days grow longer and the weather settles, we love to dress up in our best clothes and parade up and down the Riva. As the many photographers capture the most striking men and women, every moment is a catwalk opportunity.  Continue reading “Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding”

A thought about music

As a symbolic wedding celebrant, I offer my couples the chance to create a unique ceremony. You can choose your own readings, poems, vows, or incorporate your own cultural rituals into the event. For instance I’ve recently been researching glass breaking at weddings. But for me no wedding ceremony is complete without music.

My city of Split is alive with sound. From day rehearsals in the music school, to lunchtime recitals in the theatre.  In the evening the cafes invite live bands to play so you can dance on Roman Peristil. Hot music is pumped out of our late night colourful nightclubs. No visit to the Palace is complete without the sound of traditional klapa echoing around the ancient architecture. Or you can stand and listen to the old songs wheezed out by the elderly gentleman on Marmontova.

Music is everywhere. It is in our hearts.

A major part of the ceremony atmosphere is music, and as the bridal couple, you will come with your favourite soundtracks of life. We all do. Therefore if you let me know what you like – voice, acoustic, jazz, classical, traditional, folk – I can  provide the perfect music to complement your wedding. Gifted musicians – yet another reason to come to Croatia for your wedding.


Blossom has blossomed

I love this time of year when the light is changing and everything springs into life. After a winter where Dalmatia has unusually seen some January snow,  we have enjoyed our hot spiced wine, and convivial evenings in our cosy homes. But we are now looking ahead to the new season.

We’ve had sunny days, and like all Dalmatians, I’ve made the most of them. Not just enjoying excellent coffee on our elegant Riva, but taking quiet ferries to deserted islands, bus trips to menu tastings in remote village restaurants, investigating natural underground wonders. I’m constantly being inspired by places to hold symbolic weddings.

It is my role to listen to your ideas, and then make them happen.  Ideas are bursting out of my notebook and I can’t wait to show you all the venues that I’ve found this winter!

It’s easy to do when romance is all around me. The blossom falls like confetti from my cherry tree. Softly cooing collared doves in my garden watch me as I prepare scripts for fast approaching weddings. And having just purchased a number of beautiful candle holders to light up your festivities, I’m ready for the joy of your happy days.

Bring out the light. Bring out the sunshine!