New awakenings, new season!

Easter marks a change in atmosphere here, as it is a time of new awakenings. The City is celebrating the end of Lent and the associated religious festivals.  The communal Easter breakfast on Prokurative is a recent addition to our Easter tradition, and eating together is always a joyous experience.

But whilst the church calendar turns from dark to light, so does our world of hospitality. The Easter market on Riva gives an atmosphere of business and colour, with an inviting scent of frying fritule (mini doughnuts). We are busy getting everything tidy, and ready to welcome our Summer guests to our beautiful city.

Everyone in Varoš is rushing around with damp laundry, new cleaning materials, or even opening restaurants which haven’t been seen since late last year. It’s good to see familiar faces and catch up during a brief pauza whilst walking up the hill.

As I add the finishing touches to my little house, I stand back and appreciate the effect anew, just as a guest might. The sun shines in through the glistening windows, the comforting smell of lavender and vanilla permeates through the space, and the golden wood glows with happiness. And the trip to Pazar for flowers was well worth the bicycle ride this morning.

Perfection. You are all welcome.