Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding

Split has always been a beautiful town. I’m not just talking about the city and its surrounding area, but our fashion conscious inhabitants. As the days grow longer and the weather settles, we love to dress up in our best clothes and parade up and down the Riva. As the many photographers capture the most striking men and women, every moment is a catwalk opportunity. 

It turns out that this is not a new phenomenon. The stunning exhibition at the Muzej grada Splita ‘From Rococo to Art Nouveau: Clothes and fashion accessories – a selection from the holdings of the Split City Museum’ opened last night with a burst of colour and flash bulbs. Museum employees delighted us with a parade of period costumes, whilst we waited to see the rarely seen historical textiles, fashion accessories, and associated clothing items.

Many of these priceless items would inspire any modern romantic bride. Delicate lace underwear to make you swoon; a variety of silhouettes to send you to the nearest dress designer; tasselled silk parasols and feathered fans to keep you cool; and colourful waistcoat embroidery to reflect the flowers growing in our natural landscape. And as illustrated, blow kisses to your public with ribbon lace kisses on the back of an ivory silk top.

The imaginative and lively presentation of exhibits highlight the economic, social, and trading importance of the city from the late 17th century. But what seems central is the public gaze. Painters captured the sumptuous fabric of their patrons, and with the invention of photography, we have a continuous history of fashion since the mid-18th century. The people of Split love to admire, and be admired.

Therefore with such a history of dressing up, fashion inspiration, and the skill of our photographers, what better location that Split for the day where you will look your best? Be inspired by our fashion and fall in love all over again.