A thought about music

As a symbolic wedding celebrant, I offer my couples the chance to create a unique ceremony. You can choose your own readings, poems, vows, or incorporate your own cultural rituals into the event. For instance I’ve recently been researching glass breaking at weddings. But for me no wedding ceremony is complete without music.

My city of Split is alive with sound. From day rehearsals in the music school, to lunchtime recitals in the theatre.  In the evening the cafes invite live bands to play so you can dance on Roman Peristil. Hot music is pumped out of our late night colourful nightclubs. No visit to the Palace is complete without the sound of traditional klapa echoing around the ancient architecture. Or you can stand and listen to the old songs wheezed out by the elderly gentleman on Marmontova.

Music is everywhere. It is in our hearts.

A major part of the ceremony atmosphere is music, and as the bridal couple, you will come with your favourite soundtracks of life. We all do. Therefore if you let me know what you like – voice, acoustic, jazz, classical, traditional, folk – I can  provide the perfect music to complement your wedding. Gifted musicians – yet another reason to come to Croatia for your wedding.