No food without fire

fire burning brightly in a fireplace

~Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products~

That is the definition but the control of fire by early humans was a turning point in the cultural aspect of human evolution. Fire provided a source of warmth, protection, improvement on hunting and a method for cooking food. Continue reading “No food without fire”

Ecotour to Krčić Waterfall

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Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding

rusula in Split City Museum

Split has always been a beautiful town. I’m not just talking about the city and its surrounding area, but our fashion conscious inhabitants. As the days grow longer and the weather settles, we love to dress up in our best clothes and parade up and down the Riva. As the many photographers capture the most striking men and women, every moment is a catwalk opportunity.  Continue reading “Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding”

Space for possible dreams

There is nothing like an evening meander through an ancient village; watch out for the little wine shop and a rough flight of stairs to your right. Head up there through people’s gardens, and keep climbing. You’ll eventually see a brown sign pointing to a viewpoint and the church of Sv. Trojstvo (Holy Trinity). Look out for the rocky path underfoot, but keep an eye on the view behind you as you rise above the trees. Continue reading “Space for possible dreams”

Nature’s wedding bouquets

For those people who long to connect with history and a sense of place, the city of Split is perfect. However some people yearn to escape to rural island bliss. Part of the essence of the symbolic wedding, is the expression of a partnership in a different, more meaningful way. It can be individually crafted to your needs.

I’m currently exploring a remote island an hour and half away from the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik. There is more to be said about both this island AND the city of Dubrovnik, but that is to follow. I’ve been inspired by the wildflowers which currently litter the unspoilt country paths and natural beach side foliage. Like tiny jewels, they could adorn any bridal outfit.

Despite the recent cold bura wind, all the evergreen shrubs, olive and bay trees are shining with new growth. The lavender bushes are waking up and stretching in the April sunshine. They will soon be reaching towards the blue sky, looking forward to the June scent harvest. The soothing and homely scent of the purple and grey flower, is a popular floral request at my weddings.

But I’m imagining adding hedgerow colours; vibrant pinks from herb robert, rockrose, and mallow bindweek. Sapphire periwinkles and blue pimpernels to match the sky and sea. Then yellows of buttercup and horseshoe vetch. And to match the sunlight twinkling off the water, add tiny white wild garlic flowers, and a sprinkle of daisies. There are greens of all shades, from pale grasses to golden sunspurge.

Unlike cut cultivated flowers like my favourite, the rose, or rusula,  these delicate blooms may not make it through the day. But why not pay homage to some of our wild flowers in your all-natural arrangements. And embrace a romantic view of nature, to become the ultimate flower child!

New awakenings, new season!

Easter marks a change in atmosphere here, as it is a time of new awakenings. The City is celebrating the end of Lent and the associated religious festivals.  The communal Easter breakfast on Prokurative is a recent addition to our Easter tradition, and eating together is always a joyous experience.

But whilst the church calendar turns from dark to light, so does our world of hospitality. The Easter market on Riva gives an atmosphere of business and colour, with an inviting scent of frying fritule (mini doughnuts). We are busy getting everything tidy, and ready to welcome our Summer guests to our beautiful city.

Everyone in Varoš is rushing around with damp laundry, new cleaning materials, or even opening restaurants which haven’t been seen since late last year. It’s good to see familiar faces and catch up during a brief pauza whilst walking up the hill.

As I add the finishing touches to my little house, I stand back and appreciate the effect anew, just as a guest might. The sun shines in through the glistening windows, the comforting smell of lavender and vanilla permeates through the space, and the golden wood glows with happiness. And the trip to Pazar for flowers was well worth the bicycle ride this morning.

Perfection. You are all welcome.

A thought about music

As a symbolic wedding celebrant, I offer my couples the chance to create a unique ceremony. You can choose your own readings, poems, vows, or incorporate your own cultural rituals into the event. For instance I’ve recently been researching glass breaking at weddings. But for me no wedding ceremony is complete without music.

My city of Split is alive with sound. From day rehearsals in the music school, to lunchtime recitals in the theatre.  In the evening the cafes invite live bands to play so you can dance on Roman Peristil. Hot music is pumped out of our late night colourful nightclubs. No visit to the Palace is complete without the sound of traditional klapa echoing around the ancient architecture. Or you can stand and listen to the old songs wheezed out by the elderly gentleman on Marmontova.

Music is everywhere. It is in our hearts.

A major part of the ceremony atmosphere is music, and as the bridal couple, you will come with your favourite soundtracks of life. We all do. Therefore if you let me know what you like – voice, acoustic, jazz, classical, traditional, folk – I can  provide the perfect music to complement your wedding. Gifted musicians – yet another reason to come to Croatia for your wedding.